What to Expect

We understand that the idea of pelvic health physical therapy can be confusing and maybe even a little scary. Our goal is to demystify the pelvic floor and associated dysfunction and be a partner with you in your healing journey.

On the first visit we will gather lots of information together. You will receive intake forms ahead of time and will be given time to ask any questions you may have. Every single patient is different, and therefore every single evaluation and treatment is different. We will go over your chief complaints, goals, what you want to get back to, and will get to know you better so I can best tailor your care to meet your needs. Your initial evaluation can involve a variety of assessment tools and I will normally begin treatment in some capacity on day one.

After the initial evaluation you can also expect some “homework” to heal on your own outside of our sessions.

“What about the internal work?”

The pelvic floor muscles are assessed with an internal vaginal or rectal exam. This is the best way to accurately assess and treat these muscles and associated dysfunction, and typical treatment involves a combination of both internal and external components. However, the evaluation and treatment will move at your own pace. We will discuss any internal work in detail before hand so that you always know what the plan is and the reasoning behind it.

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